Tying the Snow Shoe Hare Emerger with Bob Wyatt

this most excellent fly is a variant of Bob’s famous DHE (Deer Hair Emerger) below.

as noted in the video, it’s a simpler process to tie much smaller sized flies with hare fur than deer, also making it easier for those who don’t like using deer hair. i wrote about scruffiness and the idea of an emerger looking like an explosion here but this one takes the cake !

be sure to pay special attention to the scenes at the end of the vid with the fly on the water filmed from underneath and with varying lighting conditions. the overall silhouette, footprint left on the water’s surface film and it’s scruffiness are what makes this bug work.
super-easy to tie and very resistant, it’ll imitate just about anything. this is one to have in different sizes and colors for just about any insect eating fish in all waters. thanks Bob !

video and photos by Carl McNeil of On the Fly Productions

One comment on “Tying the Snow Shoe Hare Emerger with Bob Wyatt

  1. […] a treat ! a few months back we had seen Bob tie his Snow Shoe Hare Emerger variant of the mega-classic D.H.E. and here’s an awesome tutorial with a new twist. notice […]

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