The Friggin’ Awesome Fly Photo Cobra Contest Winner !

Friggin’ Awesomely toughtoughtough choice !

i’m really touched by the great turnout and witty images received for this month’s contest and want to thank all the participants again for sending in such quality photos with equal thanks to Jeanie and Carl McNeil and Bob Wyatt without whom i wouldn’t have had such an awesome prize to give away.
best fly photo goes to Ulf Börjesson of southern Sweden for his friggin’ awesome mayfly image. however, Ulf declined the prize as he just wanted to participate in our contest,

so, Quill Gordon is the happy winner of Bob Wyatt’s Flies that Catch Fish Volume 1 Dry Flies and Emergers dvd with his funny “I am having trouble getting my flies down to the fish” photo !!! something a lot of us can relate to this winter…
(what i’ve been wondering about since i’ve seen this pic is just how hard he must have cast to crack the top layer of ice !…) :mrgreen: an unexpected treat came in the form of Martin Johansson’s photo of his lovely daughter tying flies and Carl McNeil has very kindly offered to send the two of them another dvd. as those who follow the Cobra know, the BrainWashem’ Young category and anything that encourages children to get to know and love our activity is close to my heart so,  thanks a lot Carl !

stay tuned for a new contest soon in 2012 !

7 comments on “The Friggin’ Awesome Fly Photo Cobra Contest Winner !

  1. fiskemorsan says:

    “Grattis” to all the winners :)

  2. Carl says:

    Friggin Awesome! – great pics.
    DVD’s on their way to you Marc

  3. stendalen says:

    Congrats to Ulf! Best one! And to Quill Gordon!

  4. bravo tout le monde !
    some great pictures !

  5. Quill Gordon says:

    I think all the photos were great, plus I found some new blogs and sites to follow! Ulf’s mayfly is lovely, as are all his photos. Thanks, man.

    Martin’s photo of his daughter is certainly a winner.

    This was fun. Thanks to everyone!

    (Just a little extra punch on the delivery and a very heavily weighted fly is all it took)

  6. […] requirement being that said photo must have a fly in it. The results of the contest can be seen HERE. The real winner was Ulf Börjesson, who takes wonderful photos and keeps the blog [Mad] Trout, […]

  7. […] a cool read ? well, look no further. Quill Gordon, winner of last month’s “Friggin’ Awesome” photo contest    is shack-nastying in a way too frigid Vermont but his fingers are on fire and […]

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