ferret nymph, a first try

since i saw these, i’ve been keen on giving this unusual material a try and here’s the first.

very easy to cut from the skin and use, i’m still waiting for the translucency to appear (yes, pun).
there’s Lagartun Rusty flat-braid under most of the body and fluorescent orange polyfloss as a hot-spot 1/3 of the way down the fly. i guess i was expecting them to show through strongly.
it does look buggy for sure, i’ll just have to play around with it a bit more.

made with-
Hayabusa 388 # 12
Veevus 16/0 thread brown
underbodies mentioned above
ferret skin strip
hare dubbing brown then black


i’ve ¬†since found out that the skin used for this fly wasn’t ferret at all but Wild Hamster. no wonder it didn’t give the desired result but i still like it…. ¬†:mrgreen:

3 comments on “ferret nymph, a first try

  1. bigtrout says:

    Haha, a wild hamster! You better watch out then, most often they are quite compliant…

  2. bigtrout says:

    I’ll take it back after looking at the YouTube clip. Really wild! :-)

    • Marc Fauvet says:

      hi Johan !
      yeah, i was wondering if you saw the clip. they’re like like vicious lemmings !!! :lol:
      Lucian had the skins for sale at troutline.ro but i just saw he’s out of them.
      it makes very excellent dubbing that i use all the time.

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