back to that fashionable black

that was on the previous post.
here’s a tiny sub-surface drowned, crippled, whatever you want to call it version of the old, must have, always successful Black Gnat.

black’nat wet

made with-
hook- Maruto D9626 BL #20
thread- Veevus 16/0 black
tail- hen hackle fibers black
body- waxed thread
hackle- starling

2 comments on “back to that fashionable black

  1. Nice Marc !!! You outlanders have access to hooks and materials that are just not available to US colonials…


  2. Marc Fauvet says:

    that’s cause we keep the best for ourselves…. :mrgreen:

    hey, thanks Tim ! but seriously, why not just get in touch with Lucian over at troutline ?
    even with shipping it’ll all still cost you less than at home… ;)

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