“a fishing trip starts the moment the decision to go was made, not when we get there”

it involves planning, phone calls, selecting the right stuff for the day. packing, food, drink, etc, double-checking and maybe even tying some flies and usually a trillion things more.
although tedious at times, they all help to bring up the excitement levels but one of the aspects of our activity that appeals the most to me is getting there.
and then we need to get back.
sure, there’s the BrownLiners who revel in fishing sewer dumps but more often than not, the places we fish are beautiful ones and they’re set in beautiful surroundings.
lighting, scents, rhythms, color-schemes and scenery change along the way drawing us to where we belong.

much more than a simple travel film, Di Donato’s train ride will get us in the right frame of mind, the all-wonderful ‘In the Zone’ state where we know when to set the hook not because we saw the fish take the fly or we felt a tug or any other outside alert, but when something deep inside said now

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