not very fishy,

but the fields going to and from the casting pond always bring something a little special to the trip.

i haven’t had the opportunity to see if the new camera’s fish/underwater friendly but so far it seems to like what’s happening above the surface.


Corinne Dardé loves taking images of Parisian walls. i love her images.

corinne dardé wallfish 4-8-13

'Bastilling TLC 14-7-13


funny how outside of France today is called Bastille day but here it’s just ‘Fête Nationale'(national holiday)…
anyhow, being B-day and all, tonight, all the french cities will have fireworks and countless frenchmen will be ‘Ooooing and ‘Ahhhhing speechlessly for at least an hour. a nice break from the usual mundane frenchitudes as far as i’m concerned.

anyhow again. you’re probably thinking so what ? and i most certainly won’t fault you for that but here’s the interesting part. (sort of)
i happen to live in a strange city that does their fireworks on the 13th instead. in this year’s case i’m guessing it was about celebrating Saturday or maybe pre-B-day or who knows what so, as a preview of coming events that happened yesterday here’s some boom-boom shot from the Cobra Terrace overlooking the Canal du Midi. *

'Bastilling TLC 14-7-13* there’s a water connection after-all :wink:


Wanted: Pigeon Fly


“In Southwestern France, a group of fish have learned how to kill birds. As the River Tarn winds through the city of Albi, it contains a small gravel island where pigeons gather to clean and bathe. And patrolling the island are European catfish—1 to 1.5 metres long, and the largest freshwater fish on the continent. These particular catfish have taken to lunging out of the water, grabbing a pigeon, and then wriggling back into the water to swallow their prey.”

i’m thinking a disgusting dirty grey full neck hackle wound around a block of foam with a zip-tie will do the trick and i’m packin’. Albi is about an hour away…

big thanks to Agitated-Acey for the tip-off !