not very fishy,

but the fields going to and from the casting pond always bring something a little special to the trip.

i haven’t had the opportunity to see if the new camera’s fish/underwater friendly but so far it seems to like what’s happening above the surface.


Corinne Dardé loves taking images of Parisian walls. i love her images.

corinne dardé wallfish 4-8-13

'Bastilling TLC 14-7-13


funny how outside of France today is called Bastille day but here it’s just ‘Fête Nationale'(national holiday)…
anyhow, being B-day and all, tonight, all the french cities will have fireworks and countless frenchmen will be ‘Ooooing and ‘Ahhhhing speechlessly for at least an hour. a nice break from the usual mundane frenchitudes as far as i’m concerned.

anyhow again. you’re probably thinking so what ? and i most certainly won’t fault you for that but here’s the interesting part. (sort of)
i happen to live in a strange city that does their fireworks on the 13th instead. in this year’s case i’m guessing it was about celebrating Saturday or maybe pre-B-day or who knows what so, as a preview of coming events that happened yesterday here’s some boom-boom shot from the Cobra Terrace overlooking the Canal du Midi. *

'Bastilling TLC 14-7-13* there’s a water connection after-all :wink: