silver and gold

made with-

hook- Carlige de Musca G800BL #16
thread- Veevus 14/0 yellow ‘goldened’ with a permanent marker
abdomen- Veevus silver wire small
thorax- Hends Spectra dubbing gold flash
hackle- hen cape furnace

a semi-realistic Baetis Nymph step by step

by Johan Put

looks good, huh ? if you want learn how to make one,

click the pic to find this super-duper fly’s step by step !

‘roll-over wet

designed to stay as close as possible to the surface film during the drift by using a light wired hook, a prickly herl for the body and some hare dubbing as the head (to catch water and slow its descent), if needed, in faster waters those two elements can get some floatant with a little help from the Fly Brush. cast across stream with an upstream reach mend, watch for a swirl and gently strike.

made with:
hook- Maruto C47 barbless #16
thread- Veevus 14/0 brown
body- one fiber from a large dark brown mottled feather (not sure what bird but any big feather would do)
hackle- creamy grizzly hen
head- Mad Rabbit ! dubbing (hare)