what its like to be Hank.

in what’s one of the more charming, humble, understated and interesting angler profile films i’ve seen yet, this little video is indeed rather special.

enjoy !

” Henrik is one of the members of troutvision.se. He’s modest and doesn’t say so much. He’s not that kind of person who makes alot of noise. He’s a fly fishing angler. And he’s good at it. This is a short movie for you guys to get to know him better. He’s a special person, so don’t miss out! ” 

lets take a little trip

over Coglan Lake in the Yukon territory with Andrew Toft and while we’re at it, be sure to check out all those magnificent drop-offs where all the bigguns like to hang out. enjoy !

for the love of water

specially when it has little twirlies !

twirly clous ftlow m.fauvet:tlc 18-6-14
note: this is the first and most probably the last manipulated image you’ll see here on TLC. apart from standard, basic image editing such as sharpening, colour control, contrast etc, i make a rule of not altering image content but since rules are meant to be broken at least once…

the Perils of Pernod

caught in a puddle of this disgustingly sweet anis-flavoured apéritif, little did our little midge know that it would be the death of her, specially when drank pure instead of the more traditional preparation consisting of four parts cold water and maybe an ice cube or two. live and learn.

'the perils of Pernod' m.fauvet:tlc 13-6-14


some really nice underwater footage of spawning Steelhead in the Methow river, Washington USA by River Snorkel.
i particularly like the ‘Explore your local rivers’ suggestion at the end of the film. what better way to know your waters than actually immersing yourself ? heck, it’s the closest we can get to actually ‘thinking like a fish’ and getting to know more about them. enjoy !

the Big Lion

“The Hindi name of mahāsir, mahāser, or mahāsaulā is used for a number of fishes of the group. British anglers in India called them the Indian salmon. Several sources of the common name mahseer have been suggested: It has been said to be derived from Sanskrit, while others claim it is derived from Indo-Persian, mahi- fish and sher- tiger or tiger among fish in Persian. Alternatively, mahā-śalka, meaning large-scaled, as the scales are so large that Buchanan mentions that playing cards were made from them at Dacca. Another theory by Henry Sullivan Thomas suggests mahā-āsya; great mouth. The name Mahasher is commonly used in Urdu, Punjabi and Kashmiri languages in Pakistan for this fish and is said to be made up of two local words: Maha = big and sher = lion as it ascends in the hilly rivers and streams of Himalaya courageously.”

let’s just say that this one was a cub…

malaysian masheer #2 m.fauvet:tlc 2014a very strong fish for its size though. no jumping, tailing or splashing as say, a trout might do but they pull strong along the bottom while searching the stronger current making for lots a fun on the 5wt. Stickman Evil Black.
i can only imagine what a 5 or so kg. masheer would feel like !

photo: Dron Lee

more info on Masheer

a nice hot shower.

’twas a real treat for this season’s first wet-wading session. there where a few masheer involved, i’ll post pics when i find the memory card…

Borneo Stickman 8wt m.fauvet:tlca big thanks to Dron Lee for the awesome grasshopper imitation !

click the pic for more info on the Stickman T8 Evil Black