by IFFF-Board of Governors Bill Gammel, here’s one of the most important articles on fly casting there is.
this text and it’s accompanying diagrams are a ‘go to’ and ‘go back to’ reference for just about all my needs, whether for my own understanding and research of all the different variables of casting or for helping others progress. this is the hard-core meat and potatoes of fly casting that every fly fisher will greatly benefit from. it’s as good as it gets and one to bookmark for future reference.

click the image above for the complete article on, enjoy !

4 thoughts on “Fly Casting- MAKING ADJUSTMENTS ON THE FLY

  1. Hi Marc, just a comment. At 40ft with a double haul, I would be reducing the arc since I don’t need to accelerate as hard as when I am not using the double haul.
    The rod bend from casting hand is way more than from the hauling hand.

    • hey Ling !
      i had to go back through the article to find what you’re referring to.

      “Once you have reached the 40 foot mark, you should add the double haul. The double haul will add extra bend to the rod and will increase line speed. Therefore, you must adjust your stroke. The casting arc must get wider and the pause between cast must get shorter. Now, add one foot of line and adjust. Do this until you have reached 55 to 60 feet of line in the air. (Note Drawing #3) You will now have a substantial bend in your rod with 60 feet and the double haul. This increased rod bend will have lowered the overall height of the rod tip. (From position red 2 to purple 2) The casting arc must be widened to keep the rod tips traveling in a straight line. (Red 1 and 3 must move to Purple 1 and 3)”

      since the article’s pretty ‘old’ now, let’s just assume that Bill didn’t think out his word choice and the analysis of all this as well as he could have. in my opinion he’s not really wrong, it’s just that we’ve learned to be ‘pickier’ about specifics through time and this, thanks to him and others like him who pioneered the modern understanding of fly casting mechanics.

      i have to run out at the moment but will give this some more thought and come back when possible.

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