Älvdalens, Sweden BambooFest 2011

a friend recently pointed out that some trout are unnecessarily beautiful. i agree with the beautiful part.

Joakim Ericsson, fellow casting instructor and winner of the casting comp. just a few points kept me from having this wonderful hand-made bamboo trophy. it’s ok when friends go first.

this little cutie grayling was guilty of wanting to swallow more than it could chew !

the main river just before the storm rolled in

Kina, the only lady to enter the casting comp. good on ya !

a one minute friend

Hasse managed to knock the reel off of my new rod on just about every cast…

bbq dinner in a river-side hut

one of the lovely highways one finds just about anywhere in Sweden

big special thanks to Stefan Larson, man in charge of the Älvdalens Fishing Center and organizer of this event !

more on this wonderful area and it’s fishing possibilities coming soon.