A Case for Barbless Hooks

by Dave Lewis

“The point of this article is to reinforce the simple fact that removing hooks from fishes mouths when there are no barbs will always be easier and cause less damage to the fish. Most hook injuries to fish are to the outer edges of the fish’s mouth leading to lip plate loss, scar tissue, and ultimately extensive deformity. In other words, the old cliche, “rip them lips” surely is just that.”

i couldn’t agree more, that term is disgusting. the photos speak for themselves…

for Dave’s complete thought-provoking article click HERE

2 thoughts on “A Case for Barbless Hooks

  1. Hi Marc,

    Dave Lewis was a great rod builder, angler and person. I never met him in person, but had many email discussions about the state of fly fishing in N. America. His passing in 2009 was a great loss.

    Dave liked to share his opinions freely, and he did so with his wonderful photojournal on http://www.performanceflyrods.net. Unfortunately that website domain expired, but his wife has registered a new domain at http://www.davelewisflyrods.com/. All of his entries and photos are preserved there.
    The Case for Barbless Hooks article is at http://www.davelewisflyrods.com/barbless/barblesshooks.html


    • that’s awesome Harps. thanks so much for your help !
      sorry to hear of his passing, i hope sharing this will modestly continue his legacy.
      i’ll re-edit the post. hope you’re catching tons !

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