The Sexyloops Fly Casting Model

first published on the Sexyloops Board a few years back as an effective and logical approach to define fly casting terms, i thought i’d share this link here as well in an attempt to share this set with a larger public. there are other models within the fly casting community around the world but this one in my opinion surpasses the others in it’s thoroughness and compatibility with all styles of casts, not a particular school.

this model will also serve here in the future as a reference point for our readers.

click HERE for the complete list on

One thought on “The Sexyloops Fly Casting Model

  1. […] and secondly, without going through the complete exam, Bruce demonstrates and explains a whole host of information any candidate will benefit from. take special note of The Six Step Method and how everything relates to The Five Essentials. if a candidate fully understands those two then they’re more than half way there. as for the casting lingo, you’ll find a list of casting definitions here. […]


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