here’s a handy little tip if you’re a cheese-brain like me.

problem: we’ve installed the leader and immediately forget what size it is. we want to add tippet and then have to visually compare each tippet spool to find what we need, all the while balancing in the middle of a river and trying to not drop everything in it while we’re fuddling about…

solution: one little stripe with a permanent marker for each ‘X’ of the leader’s original tip diameter and one glance at the leader’s butt tells us all we need to know.

the ‘metrics’ (and i’m one of them) will shout “WTF is an X ” !!!  well, for once this arcane method of designating diameters comes to good use as it’s darn hard to put 0.14 stripes on a leader butt !

here’s a little X to mm guideline that’s good to memorize:

0 X = 0,28mm

1X = 0,25mm

2X = 0,23mm

3X = 0,20mm

4X = 0,18mm

5X = 0,15mm

6X = 0,13mm

7X = 0,10mm

i find the only really important one to remember is 0X = 0,28mm. the others are easy to calculate from there.