brainwashem’ young – My First Trout

offering comprehensive insights and information on just about every aspect of fly fishing for trout and salmon, these books make fantastic gifts for the little ones and are a nice addition to our guidance and tutoring. bringing them back to the realm of books, the feel of paper and who knows, maybe the sense of discovery and imagination sorely missing from fast-food internet.

“My First Trout is a must for every child. Author Eoin Fairgrieve will capture the imagination of every budding fly-fisher. The book is beautifully illustrated in watercolour by acclaimed artist Ronnie Glass and includes chapters on the trout’s lifecycle, water safety, basic fly-casting, tackle advice and care for the trout and its habitat. A delightful book and a perfect present for your daughter, son, nephew, niece or grandchild”

 following in the footsteps is Eoin’s second book of the series: My First Salmon

click either image to purchase these fine books.

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