Spey Casting- Managing running line

as i used to work with ropes the ‘belay roping trick’, a rope management method while belaying other climbers mentioned at the beginning of this film caught my attention.

here’s a nice tip on reducing shooting line tangles, knots and other nasties. cool !

3 thoughts on “Spey Casting- Managing running line

  1. Couldn’t quite see what he’s doing here Marc. Any chance of a better explanation?



  2. hi Will ! you’re right, the vid doesn’t show it well however he does explain that the coils get separated left side of the hand/right side of the hand because the changed/inverted hand grip when starting the second series of coils. i used to do this with ropes so i can visualize the process but i haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet. unfortunately, i don’t have any accessible wadable rivers with current suitable for spey casting practice anywhere near me but i’ll see what i can do for you.
    hey, read your fb mail, send me your address !

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