Measuring Fly Rod “Swingweight”

ever wondered why some rods ‘feel’ heavier or lighter than others even though they have the same total weight ? how mass distribution along the blank will make or break a rod’s action ? or just want to have a better idea how these seemingly-simple-but-in-actuality-ever-so-complex fishing tools work or maybe just want to increase your casting geek knowledge  ?

i’ll be posting more on fly rod mechanics in the future, this little article should help to understand why we might like the ‘feel’ of a rod or not.  it might also completely drown one in confusion… i’m somewhere in the middle…  good luck but be warned, this one’s easy !

by Grunde Løvoll and Magnus Angus, March 2008 published on

Moi image: Eric Wonhof

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  1. I’m holding you and the things you post personally responsible for slowly turning me into a casting geek…

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