Fly Casting- The Three-Point Grip

well known among the casting community but quite obscure in the mainstream fly fishing world, the Three-Point is a nifty grip i highly recommend to add to your repertoire. i personally like it because it’s a blend of the finger-on-top, thumb-on-top and V grip, effectively combining the qualities of each style. as noted below, the “heightens tactile awareness while still providing casting authority” aspect is what makes it exceptionally useful for maximum accuracy and ‘out of the box’ presentation casts that involve quite a lot of precise hand/wrist/forearm movements and twisting. it’s not like it blocks the wrist or the hand but i find that it helps to get a better control of the rod for those who flex their wrist excessively, a movement i find to be the number one ‘bad habit’ among many casters from beginners to intermediate levels.

“The Three-Point Grip (not to be confused with the “Finger-On-Top Grip” or “Forefinger Grip”) is one of a number of grips that I was taught as part of my youthful training in fly casting. The Three-Point utilizes the thumb, the forefinger and the heel of the hand to produce a grip that heightens tactile awareness while still providing casting authority.”  Jason Borger

click on the image below to access Jason’s blog and watch the descriptive video.

a variant of this grip i often use is to have the thumb and index finger bent instead of straight. also, the heel of the hand over the reel at times can feel a little strange so i’ll just slide my hand back up the cork grip towards the bottom of the grip but the same hand/finger configuration remains.
grip styles are just that, styles. styles allow us to use substance in the way we feel best.
like we say, ‘if it feels good, use it. if it don’t, recommend it to someone you don’t like !’

6 thoughts on “Fly Casting- The Three-Point Grip

  1. ‘if it feels good, use it. if it don’t, recommend it to someone you don’t like!’ –> great advice! 😉 And I’ll try this next time I’m out…

    • haha ! thought you’d like that 🙂
      grip: let me know how it works, ok ? it’ll feel a little strange at first and for some, always. i’d really recommend pantomiming your regular casting stroke at home with just the rod butt and reel to get familiar with it. maybe something different to do when snowed in at the cabin 😉
      cd and bugs on the way !

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