my rod’s bigger than yours !

it’s not every day we come across something so amazingly stupid, not even from PETA.

 “After coming across research that shows the variety of ways in which men attempt to prove how “manly” they are when their masculinity is threatened – including developing hostile attitudes towards others – we wondered whether men who spend their time on a wet riverbank holding an extendable phallic object and being cruel to fish may be engaging in another form of overcompensation. Our top brains have taken a wealth of research findings and coupled them with the average size of men’s genitalia in the UK to create a special formula which calculates how those who inflict pain and suffering on innocent animals likely measure up against those who don’t.”

click on the logo above see how your penis compares to non-fishers. interesting their ‘top brains’ didn’t take into account women fishers, i can’t help but wonder what body part they would have used to do their comparison with.

18 thoughts on “my rod’s bigger than yours !

  1. This is by far, the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a good long while. The “Help & Resources” tab offers all kinds of wonderful and amusingly silly suggestions…stop fishing, eat broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes, buy a penis enlarger, work on your people skills. Really!?

    Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  2. Wow. I was with a bunch of guys this weekend and we were checking out each other’s rods. Some were delicate and whippy while others were sturdy and rigid. After we had each had the chance to fondle as many rods as we wanted, we all agreed we liked our own rods best.

    I’m sure my results were improved by not owning a sports car, but I believe I was penalized for owning more than two power tools. They did not specify the types of power tools! Like my rod, I use those tools every chance I get.

  3. I took the PETA genitalia test and flunked so drastically that it is no wonder I’d like to shoot a moose. How they know?

  4. Like a bored idiot who needs to be fishing, I took the test three times.
    The first was honest, and the result was small and “laughable” by the sound effects.
    The second I answered “No” to all three choices, and was, *ahem* rewarded?
    The third time I hit “yes” every time, and the result was the same.

    What did I learn? I should just keep fishing.

  5. haha !
    Paul, i’ve been told that that their ‘top brains’ have special powers. they know everything !

    i admire your persistence Brandon 😀

    who would have thought that the post here with the most comments so far would be about rods…
    thanks for coming by guys

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