the SS Knot

SS Knot. hmmm, not sure what it means but it’s quite an ingenious solution to what can be a downright pain in the arse: casting winged dry flies.
EDIT– it turns out ‘SS’ stands for Surgeon’s Swivel – from Art Lee’s “Fishing Dry Flies for Trout on Rivers and Streams”
thanks to Craig Buckbee for the info !

we’ve all done it, we tie on these flies because they look like they’ll be yummy to the fish. we do a few false casts, the flies spin like helicopter  rotors and the tippet starts looking like a very long corkscrew and the fly usually doesn’t even go where we wanted it to, all landing in a big heap… result, the fly comes off, tippet is changed and the darned winged dries go into the “I’ll keep them but never-ever fish them again” box.

here’s an interesting solution that just might bring those flies back out of that box and back on the water where they belong.

the normal tippet is threaded through the hook eye and a double Surgeon’s knot using a much bigger piece of mono is created to make a ‘stopper knot’ (notice the 7X tippet to 3X ‘stopper mono’ on the diagram. use a proportionally appropriate ‘stopper mono’ for different size tippets). once all the tag ends are nipped close to the knot it can freely swivel through the eye of the hook greatly reducing the twist on both fly and tippet and it won’t pull out when there’s a strike.

again, i can’t give credit to the knot’s author as i found this a while back without keeping it’s source but a big thanks to whoever it is !

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