Tying the Perfection Loop knot with a Fly

as a follow-up and an alternative to the Lefty Loop, here’s a really nifty knot to know. whether you’re tying on a big pike size lure or a tiny nymph or dry this knot has the advantages of using less mono which slows down the reduction of tippet used at each fly change and it’s a lot easier to control the loop size (at least for me… ) than the Lefty Loop, specially with the smaller flies. the knot itself is also smaller, another bonus with the smaller bugs. some might perk up their ears at the idea of using an open loop knot with a nymph or dry but just as with the bigger flies, the free-swinging loop allows the fly to drift in a more natural manner than when tied up tight to the eye. every little bit helps !

video by Scott Loudon

4 thoughts on “Tying the Perfection Loop knot with a Fly

  1. Nice, clear video! But, if instead of grabbing the fly and standing line in the last step, you pull on the tag of the tippet, you will get a much smaller loop. This loop tests 100% with line 25lbs and and heavier. It is the only knot I use in Baja for fly connection.

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