Do it yourself net leash

originally published on Planéte, a now defunct francophone site and forum i ran until a few months ago, here’s a DIY landing net leash that’s cheap and effective.

the idea here was to make a single connected unit, easily removable from the chest pack, vest, wader, float-tube or jacket without having the leash dangle and catch on branches and other assorted goodies that like to grab our nets as we access waters. the handle-down position of the net makes it easier to grab when needed and easier to put back but it’s biggest advantage is that the large part of the net is behind the wearer’s back instead of over the hips or butt when worn handle-up, making the whole unit swing back and forth (and snag) a lot less.

made of a recycled telephone cord which contains wires inside making it a lot stronger than the all-plastic variety found on the market. i used to make wrist bracelet Kryptonite lock key holders with these cords when i was a bike messenger and they never failed me once in seven years of abuse. the net leash on the pic is about ten years old.

the handle end of the cord gets a figure-eight knot which is glued inside the handle with epoxy. the length of the cord is then adjusted so that the handle, when pulled from the magnet hangs close to hand so as not to have to fiddle around when it’s time to scoop the fish. as seen on the pic, the magnet end connects to the attachment point ring with a loop held together with several whip-finishes similar to how we might make loop-to-loop connections on fly lines. the whip-finishes where covered with a small piece of shrink-tube in a fit of aesthetic analness…