Fly Tying- Think differently, The fish eating fish fly

by Ulf Hagström

this kind of “Think differently” is just awesome, a sign of a truly innovative fly designer and tier not only interested in creating flies that attract fish but flies that attract fish in a different manner.

“One of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a long time was an article in a Swedish magazine “Allt om flugfiske” by biologist Peter Johanesson who talked about the result of a study on the phenomenon of kleptoparasites among pikes. Basically what it points to is that a larger pike would most of the times rather attack and steal the already caught prey from a smaller pike than eat the smaller pike itself!”

click here for the full article and adjoining step by step of the fly.

thanks for the inspiration, Ulf !

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2 thoughts on “Fly Tying- Think differently, The fish eating fish fly

    • it sure is Don. i had the great pleasure of sitting next to Ulf at the two fairs in Stockholm last month and among others (of his fantabulous flies) i got to see him create this one. it’s even awesomer in real !
      thanks for stopping by my friend,

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