Snap-Lift Switch Cast Sequence

here’s a very interesting photo sequence taken from a casting movie Paul Arden filmed several years ago. originally he had named this a ‘Snap-Lift Single-Spey’ but a lot has evolved in fly casting understanding and terminology in recent years so i changed the title because a single spey is a change of direction cast and this one doesn’t change directions ! it’s a Jump Roll (or Switch Cast) with a Snap Lift instead of the more traditional Lift and Sweep normally associated with the Single Spey.

a fun thing to do is to focus the eyes on one area of your screen and scroll down with your mouse or trackpad to sort-of see it as a film made in the early days of cinematography. i’m a sucker for watching fly lines dance in the air so that makes it specially nifty but it’s also very informative as we can easily see how the line evolves from varying rod tip movements, enjoy !

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