Brain Farting and Tailing Loops

a funny yet insightful article, something to think about when your brain freezes up !

Brain Farts by Will Shaw

“Irrespective of our political views, I bet we all had a chuckle at Rick Perry this week. For those who didn’t see it, this potential Republican US Presidential candidate had a disaster of a TV debate when he couldn’t remember one of his own key policy proposals.3

“The Scientists say it’s the worry of screwing up that stops your brain accessing the right information. All your processing power is taken up with the “Don’t Forget, don’t forget!” thought, and nothing is left for actually accessing the info. you want.”

“I think a similar thing can happen in casting practice. The more you want to stop that tailing loop, the worse it gets. Gradually you tense up more and more, casting more and more frequently, and more and more aggressively. The only thought in your mind is “don’t tail, please don’t tail!””

“This continues until your arm seizes up, or you run full pelt and screaming, driving the rod-tip into a tree.”