North Country Flies by T.E. Pritt

following up from last month’s blast from the past find: The Practical Angler by W.C. Stewart, here’s another treat from

originally titled Yorkshire Trout Flies, renamed and republished in 1886, North Country Flies remains a much sought after and hard to find reference book. lucky us, we can read, study and flip through the 97 pages of this book for free and without the dusty-moldy smells of the originals !
i’m not too crazy about his constant references of killing trout and grayling or referring to a fly as “A splendid killer” but there’s a lot to learn about fly design of the time and the specific materials used. interesting detail is these flies seem to represent the ‘new trend’ of hackled flies.

an added bonus for us fly-only fishers is a section in the back of the book on how to rig and fish worms upstream…  enjoy !

“It occurred to me, some three or four years ago, that there was again room in this great angling county for a book which should not only give the dressings and seasons of trout flies, but also add the best possible aid in the form of illustrations carefully and accurately coloured, in order to convey to the eye of the beholder correct impressions of size, shape, and colours of those artificial flies which experience has proved are best adapted to the Yorkshire waters.”

2 thoughts on “North Country Flies by T.E. Pritt

  1. Ah yes, those added-bonus plates between 54/55 I’ll be referencing often. 😉 Actually though, extremely interesting stuff…like you said. One can get lost in Open Library for hours….days, even. Not that I ever do or anything…

  2. i like to think of it as back-up info for a survival situation. (but then, i’d probably eat the worms instead of feeding them to some fish ! :mrgreen: )
    glad you liked the book, Erin.

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