The Fly Casting Glove…

here’s a real treat ! space-age science and technology meets i’m not sure what… to help us be better fly casters and fishers through the use of horrible, painful, strident sounds ! ! !

“ It’s almost like having a muscle-memory sport like golf, get into your head and say “I’m doing this right because the tonal signature in my head is telling me that i am casting this in a proper motion, I’m stopping the rod and I’m getting the flyline to move through the rod and through the guides. “

” This a wonderful tutorial system that has to be used with one on one instruction from an accredited instructor. “

check out the promotional video of this amazingly debilitating gadget and be sure to crank up the volume first !!!

i’m speechless (but mostly deaf)  enjoy… !

10 thoughts on “The Fly Casting Glove…

  1. That thing and a pair of ear plugs on a crowded piece of water could be a lot of fun.

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