my first trout

ok, the photo sucks. it really doesn’t do justice to this absolutely gorgeously beautiful wilder-than-wild trout from just under the Polar Circle in Sweden i caught last summer but i wanted to share it here anyway. at around 55cm, this was one of the strongest and down-and-dirty fighting fish in this size i’ve ever caught. strong…

the Snakecharmer did a wonderful job at taming it. this was a first for both of us: it’s first decent-sized fish and to explain this post’s title, my first decent-sized fish on a bamboo rod. i’ve heard many times that bamboo tires fish out faster than carbon and i’ll wait for a few more hundred fishes before trying to formulate any kind of opinion on that. however, what was a very interesting experience was how much i could feel the fish during the fight compared to all my other non-bamboo rods. the slightest shake of the head, speed up or slow down or change of direction was transmitted instantly to the hand. definitely a plus fishingfighting-wise and even more so fun-wise. a little bit smaller trout came to the net a short while after helping me to confirm this impression.

on a funnier note, the reel fell off when i was fighting this beauty and fell over the gunwale and into the lake ! this helped to heighten the experience…

this pic shows it’s beauty a little bit better

thanks for the great memories mister trout, see ya soon.

2 thoughts on “my first trout

  1. I’ve got a hankering for bamboo. I’ve heard that about it’s receptiveness too, and want to see if it’s true!

    Wow. I didn’t mean for that all to rhyme. 😉

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