Oliver Edwards demonstrates the Snap Roll Cast

part one of what’s going to be an ongoing series on the Roll Cast, it’s uses, what, how, why, when, debunking myths and etc and etc and etc, here’s Oliver Edwards demonstrating the Roll Cast pick-up or Snap as he calls it for fishing small streams and rivers. we’ll see later how this exact same method can be used just about anywhere.

most often described as a way to cast when there is little or no backcast space, i’ll be explaining the many other uses of the Roll Cast and if i manage to get some of those ideas across while suggesting how it’s a marvelous tool for just about any fishing situation from the high altitude to open sea, we’ll see that the idea of it being just for no-backcast room situations is really reductionist and that we might be missing out on something really useful yet very easy to do.

2 thoughts on “Oliver Edwards demonstrates the Snap Roll Cast

  1. […] what is it ? it’s just a fancy pick up leading to a switch cast. a switch cast is a dynamic roll cast where instead of dragging the line back to form the D loop, the line is picked up, lifted from the water and swept back in the air to form a D loop. both casts will require anchoring either the line tip or leader and both casts are concluded with the same basic forward cast as in aerial casting. (more on this as we dig deeper into the Roll Cast series) […]

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