‘ordered trouting but was served perching instead.

i like when they mess up !

i’ve caught many perch since i was a child and until recently they’ve all been Yellow perch (Perca flavescens) and they’re well, yellow. since i moved to Sweden a little more than a year ago i’ve been somewhat regularly catching Aborre (in Swedish) or European perch, (Perca fluviatilis). while basically the same fish, these Swedish perch have a distinctive dark body that matches the dark-dark tannin-rich waters. they’ll come eagerly to smallish streamers or biggish nymphs. the key element to the fly’s design seems to be movement, the more the better. flash isn’t a necessity and natural tones have worked best.

the technique is quite simple and fun. cast out an intermediate or faster sinking line or shooting head, let settle and work it back with an erratic retrieve combined with pauses. 7 out 10 takes occur as the fly is coming very close to the bank, just below the rod tip. the thing is to watch the fly (we’re talking really close here because of how dark the lake waters are) and all of a sudden it ‘disappears’, indicating the perch has nibbled it. perching at it’s best !