the Voodoo Cast

performed by Michael Mauri

what is it ? it’s just a fancy pick up leading to a switch cast.
a switch cast is a dynamic roll cast where instead of dragging the line back to form the D loop, the line is picked up, lifted from the water and swept back in the air to form a D loop. both casts will require anchoring either the line tip or leader and both casts are concluded with the same basic forward cast as in aerial casting.
(more on this as we dig deeper into the Roll Cast series)

is it of any real, practical purpose when fishing ? it can’t hurt but not really.
will i catch more fish using this cast. most definitely not.

is it fun ? yes !
will it help me have a better sense of line dynamics in the three real dimensions of fly casting as opposed to the typically described two ? oh yes !!
will it make me feel sexy(er) ? you got it babe !!! (provided i don’t f’ it up and make umpteen knots in both line and leader… )

EDIT– as you’ll see below, the video has been removed by its owner. i’ve searched for a replacement but there’s nothing suitable at the moment. i’ll update when possible.
sorry. i know… it kind of kills the whole point of this post… 😆 )

i have a few issues with the verbal explanations and prefer to watch it without sound. it still works. we’ll also notice how the line is literally torn from the water. Michael is one of the finest casters and instructors there is, so it’s a bit surprising the ‘tearing’ was left in the video but i guess it’s ok. we still get the basic elements of the cast.
the cast works as well (and even better!) with a slower and gentler pick up. a good thing to remember in casting is ‘slower means more time to get things right’.

12 thoughts on “the Voodoo Cast

    • hi !
      no need for nostalgia ! the ‘good ol’ days’ happen to all of us almost every day:mrgreen:

      love your blog and thanks for the Cobra link. i just put yours up in the Friends section. what’s your name ?

  1. Beautiful to people, absolutely terrifying to fish…
    Sweet cast nonetheless.

    • wrong my friend. they fall mesmerized at the angler’s feet ! for them it’s like having a hallucination wheel spinning above their heads … 😆

  2. it looks nice for a beginner who want to learn how to control the line to but scare the fish. In not a fan of these type of casts. Too much movement on the water and all the fish will run away…

    • hey Lucian !
      of course, as mentioned it’s not going to help you catch more fish but it’s fun and it makes one a better caster because it brings line control to another level. (so, maybe it’ll help one to catch more fish when we’re not doing it… ) 😎

  3. Marc, just found this entry, but have watched the demo when it was on utube. I agree with your observations. The tip action draws the line close to form a D loop for a switch cast. I found that it could be used as a change of direction cast, and less scary in a fishing situation, but even then, not a preferred CoD cast, but a training exercise. Reminded me of the 8’s in JW’s circles, eights and straights exercise. Cheers.
    PS could not find the review of the Hot Torpedo. Still around?

    • exactly, its a laid-down figure ‘8’ or better yet, the Infinity symbol.
      the HT review never happened, there where some complications… 😆

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