tenkara casting techniques

let’s have a little look at how to cast a Tenkara rod.

what have we learned and is there anything different than with ‘conventional’ kit ?
nothing and nope.
it’s just a fly rod with the line attached to the rod tip. nothing less, nothing more.
end of hype…

2 thoughts on “tenkara casting techniques

  1. Yeah, never got all the buzz on tenkara. old news
    now if you want something excitingly unheard of, and devoid of any relation to fly fishing, try ayu-no-tomozuri.
    I recommend the hilarious episode 8 of robson green’s extreme fishing (season 3)

    “The next stop is the Kano river, where the intrepid angler prepares for a fishing trip with a difference. A popular sport in this region involves dressing in wetsuits and using live bait to catch ayu, a tiny but supposedly delicious fish. Using a method known locally as ayu-no-tomozuri, Robson and his guide hook a live ayu, then release it into the water. When the hooked fish encounters another, a fight will break out and the second fish will also become ensnared – or at least that is the theory. After four hours in the water, Robson has had no luck. “I’m reliant on how aggressive my little fish is feeling,” he says. “Unfortunately, this one seems to be a bit of a pacifist.” Half an hour and a change of bait later, Robson finally manages to catch a tiny fish – but promptly drops it when removing it from the net.”

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