Saturday’s Soft Cinnamon Sedge

step by step by Lucian Vasies

“At first glance, this fly doesn’t look different from a dry classic sedge tied with classic hackle. Well, the difference lies in the materials they are made of. The noticeable difference between a fly tied with classic hackle and one tied with genetic hen hackle is seen at the way it floats on water. When the river is slow and very clear or shallow, fish will pay more attention to the details of the fly. A classical dry will have a rough and harder hackle with thicker barbs. The other one (genetic) has softer and more delicate barbs, sparkling enough and with a perfect posture for these situations. These characteristics are not to be found at other feathers except the Whiting hens, raised especially for this.  The barbs in the neck area are thin, elastic but soft as well and with a little of web. They are absolutely great and can be used at tying delicate wet flies for shy fish.”

simple, elegant and beautiful. click here for Lucian’s step by step