6 thoughts on “Tenkara: It’s more than just a way to fly fish.

  1. maybe he’s not using hooks but the Force ?
    you’ll see Quill, just as with perching on the fly, nymphing helmets will be the craze around the world in 2012.
    expect the US to catch up within maybe ten years… :mrgreen:

  2. That was a cool trip we did in Japan. Some of it can be read here, on my post on “shower climbing” and tenkara: https://www.tenkarausa.com/blog/?p=1639. I don’t think the fashion will take on here, unless we can find a lot of good hidden and unaccessible canyons to fish for trout. Anyone know of any?
    This will be a feature story in one of the upcoming issues of the Fly Fish Journal.
    Thanks for the post,
    Tenkara USA

  3. hey Daniel,
    as an instructor, my prime concern is my student’s safety and these helmets would be a real boon for deep-heavy nymphing. i have so many ears and other facial parts from past students i just don’t know what to do with them anymore !
    being more aerodynamic and ‘design’ than the traditional Samurai helmet they would be ideal for the Western World wouldn’t you think ?
    with further thought, i think we could add foam thingies to dry-off flies and maybe an iPod or beer can holder in the back for hands-free Tenkaring.
    thanks for stopping by !

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