the making of a fly line

and who would have thunked that some of the best fly lines in the world where made this way ?

hand-rolled in the back shed of the Haddo Fishery somewhere in Scotland, do yourself a favour and check out my buddy Mike Barrio’s site for a nice selection of fly lines at the very unusual prices…

19 £ to 24 £ including shipping to your door anywhere in the world.
yup, no typos there.
(at the time of this writing that’s 22 € / 28 € and 29$ / 37 $)
yup, no typos there either.

5 thoughts on “the making of a fly line

  1. That’s how he does it! About time Mike turned his hand to a 2 weight distance line…. They’re all I’ve used for two seasons, no going back. Cool post Marc

  2. yeah, that’s a little freaky, innit ? 140′ cast with a two wt… 😎
    however Fredrik Hedman did a 120′ or something at the last Gathering with a 3 wt. and one of Mike’s rods. Friggin’ Awesome !
    i’ll see if i find the vid for ya 😀

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