Single Handed Spey Casting Session

performed by  Lee Cummings
Lee, simply put is one of the best fly casting instructors there is. he’s definitely a person who thinks outside the box and this is reflected in his approach, studies and development of contemporary casting. having had the great opportunity to witness several of his demos (and even a surprise solo thrash guitar mini-concert in Scotland !), what i’ve taken away each time is a sense of awe and great inspiration. motivation… 
this video is an absolutely stunning display of single-hand spey casts. a reference for anyone interested in these casts and hopefully an eye-opener for all those who think that fly casting is just about slinging a line back and forth overhead.

7 thoughts on “Single Handed Spey Casting Session

  1. hmm
    so now fly casting is about flinging the line all over the place. how about that for clarification?
    the lost beginner’s league is not thankful.

    • well, the point was that it isn’t ! and it does say “back and forth”, not all over the place. but far from me the idea of wanting to deprive someone of taking up as much airspace as they want ! (or even restricting that space by throwing hmmmmm… well, you know… ) :mrgreen:

  2. I am looking forward to some of the tangles I’ll be making next spring when I start practicing some of these casts. By the way, I watched not quite half of this video. How many casts would that be? Poor guy. Not one single fish.

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