The Five Essentials – Nr.1 The Elimination of Slack line

by Rudy van der Meer

“The elimination of slack line is the most efficient manner to cast a fly line”

this very important notion is vital for anyone casting a fly line and one i’ll detail in the future. The Five Essentials, establish by Bill and Jay Gammel are the hardcore fundamentals of fly casting and they deserve particular attention. we’ll be going through them one by one with simple yet informative explanations and how their use will make anyone of any level a more successful caster and fisher. after that we’ll go and dig deep into these essentials to see how we can deviate them and turn what we discover into the nitty-gritty of fly casting, fine-tuned to the situation presentation casts !
i’m on the lookout for a descent video camera to show you some of these casts. this should be fun !

i really like Rudy’s approach here in turning today’s lesson into an amusing one. including humour or silliness is in my opinion something greatly lacking in most educational methods, thanks Rudy !

as an aside, who would have thought a tv talk show host would ever actually bring up an interesting topic ?

2 thoughts on “The Five Essentials – Nr.1 The Elimination of Slack line

    • hi Ling !
      unfortunately, Rudy didn’t continue with the rest. maybe he needs a little prompting ?… 😉
      i’ll se what i can do.
      anyhow, ‘reviving’ this post has reminded me that i haven’t kept my word on expanding on the Five, so this will happen soon. i have guiding/ casting instruction work and a few personal issues to work out at the moment but will get to it as soon as possible !

      i’m really glad you stopped by 😀

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