Review- Z-Reels 4 Tippet Dispenser

Sleek function meets style and elegance in this very well thought-out tippet dispenser that one might expect to find in New York’s M.O.M.A. (Museum of Modern Art) but the best part is it’s equally at home on the stream or under a friend’s Christmas tree !

Usually not one to go for accessories, this one’s been a nice surprise and a pleasure to use. Hardly bigger than the spools themselves, this simple to prepare and simple to use spool holder leaves all your tippets right there at your fingertips where you need them instead of fiddling through what’s usually overstuffed pockets. There’s a little hole to attach it to a zinger or directly to your neck lanyard, chest-pack or vest. It’s smooth, rounded edges don’t snag and the sleek resistant matt finish won’t scare off fish. I really like the idea of having my spools combined as a unit as it makes changing from chest-pack to wading jacket or whatever easy and organized. More than once I’ve taken what I thought where all the spools to find once on the stream I’d left the 0,14 mm (5X) at home…

Preparing it for use is as simple as can be. The dispenser’s frame is sized for four 58 x 7,5 mm sized spools (such as the smaller 25 & 50 m Stroft and others found on the market)  but you can fill whatever tippet material you want in the four empty spools included in the box.
Slide the spools, one at a time through the slot, slip the tippet end through the slotted rubber holder and guide it to it’s place, continue with the other three and you’re done. Nice.

Made from a solid aluminum block, it’s anodization resists to saltwater.
Available in Black, Bordeaux Red and Golden Orange
Weight: 35 gr.

Tip: To load the extra spools with your favorite leader material easily, find a piece of foam and roughly cut it to a cylindrical shape a few centimeters bigger than the inner diameter of the spools. Place the foam inside the spool and then force a pencil through the center of the foam and you’ll have a handle to spin while you’re filling the spools.
Review Conclusion-
Are they necessary ? No.
Are they nice ? Definitely and I’d even add very nice. If you like fine craftsmanship combined with functionality and practicality then I’m pretty sure you’ll like this product.
You can find the Z-Reel Tippet Dispensers at the Springforelle online shop.

photos: Peer Doering-Arjes

© Marc Fauvet/The Limp Cobra 2011

2 thoughts on “Review- Z-Reels 4 Tippet Dispenser

  1. i owned this one and all it made was a mess… spools were so loose inside the dispenser that they turned while carrying… nice but not practical, imo… i have the one from c&f now and am perfectly happy with it!!!

    • hi Peter, thanks for your comment.
      i didn’t have that problem with mine, maybe it depends on different leader spool batches ?

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