the ‘Proctologist’s Indispensable’

“Anyway, You know I like to fish with a condom strapped to a hook, well around a year or so ago I came across a fly from my good mate Marc Fauvet who writes the popular “The Limp Cobra” blog who had a novel idea for a pike fly by strapping on doctors rubber glove to a hook which I thought was down right over the top!”

i came upon this nice little giggle-provoquing surprise yesterday when visiting Simon Graham’s Pike-Guru blog Pike Fly Fishing Articles, a real-life fictional ‘cartoon’ fly i came up with a few winters ago for the nice sized largemouth bass at the local lake in southern France where i lived at the time. nice size there means 50-70 cm tops, nothing like the tourist-eating monsters what one would expect from Texas, Cuba, Algeria or Mexico but fun fishes nevertheless. bass have always been on my favorite fish list because, well, they act like bass.

i sent him the pic above a while back and if memories’ correct, i didn’t include any info on how it was made which makes it all that more interesting to see how he came up with his own variant.

Simon gave us a sort of rubber glove preparation step by step and it starts with:

proceeds to:

and ends up with:

to see the final result and let’s say “Astonishing result…” you’ve have to click here.

tonight there will be some hardcore holiday festing so i’ll go take a good nap in the meantime with the deep, satisfying glowing inner feeling of blissfulness that this time the disciple came nowhere near surpassing the master.

here’s the two of us at last spring’s fair in Stockholm. we had just gone over to A.K. Best’s booth to critique his flies and hand out free tying tips.

photo: Ulf Hagström

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