Review- Swiss Tackle Centrix Tippet Dispenser

“Mmmmm… Luxurious” was the first thing that came to my mind when I opened the package and luxurious it is.
Simply put, this is design at its best and this design isn’t just pretty: It would be hard to decide if it works better than it looks or vice-versa !
Silky chic in appearance and silky smooth in use are what sum up this dispenser best.

Having all the necessary spools right there on my chest-pack or jacket saves a lot of time and more importantly, the frustration of searching through the pockets of an over-stuffed pack or vest. When re-doing a leader I just pull out a piece of tippet, connect it, pull out the desired length and snip it off ready to tie the next piece of tippet or fly. Securely held by the attachment ring, the dispenser just swings out of the way when finished, ready to be used the next time. Definitely cool.

The deep red anodized corrosion-proof aluminum dispenser housing comes with four ready to fill 59×5 mm high-strength resin spools which hold approximately 50m of tippet each. The spools are placed in alternate rotation order to prevent them from spinning and unravelling within the housing during transport. The tippet ends are snuggly held and drawn through a tight rubber opening. During the installation the tippet ends are pulled through the rubber opening via a special needle that’s stored inside the stainless steel pin which holds the whole unit together.

Each one is hand made in Switzerland and has a one year warranty.
Weight: 60 grams
Outside diameter: 65 mm
Width: 27 mm

Tip: To load the extra spools with your favorite leader material easily, find a piece of foam and roughly cut it to a cylindrical shape a few centimeters bigger than the inner diameter of the spools. Place the foam inside the spool and then force a pencil through the center of the foam and you’ll have a handle to spin while you’re filling the spools.

Review Conclusion-
– Is it necessary ?
Well, no. After-all, most anglers get along just fine with the store bought tippet spools they’ve been using for years.
– Is it nice and would I recommend it ?
You bet ! Having used it for several outings this is the kind of article that could create an ‘addiction’ for luxurious fly fishing accessories. A little strange to describe but I get the little boy “Wow, this so cool !” feeling every time I use it.
It would also make a very special gift for a very special friend. I would consider it a must-have for the lover and collector of fine things, finely made that function perfectly. You’ll find the Centrix Dispenser at the Springforelle online shop.© Marc Fauvet/The Limp Cobra 2011

One thought on “Review- Swiss Tackle Centrix Tippet Dispenser

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