And with enthusiasm may come ambition.

Mike Heritage has been an enormous inspiration to me and many others aspiring to be casting instructors and for those continuing to higher levels. these reflections sum up quite eloquently what keeps a lot of us casting instructors going.
it isn’t all about making money, it isn’t about fame, it’s about personal development through passion and sharing the little we learn in the hope of inspiring others to develop on their own. it’s a real honor to be your friend Mike, thanks.

” And with enthusiasm may come ambition. We may decide that as we have come so far we may as well see if we come up to the mark and challenge ourselves to become instructors. We choose the test we want to take and we work towards the first step on the instructing ladder. Remember how you sweated and worked to get to a point where you thought you were good enough? Were you so certain you would pass? Wasn’t the test even slightly daunting?

We pass, we have our foot on the bottom rung and as we gaze up the ladder to the next level we hear whispers coming down from above that perhaps the test was too easy or you had a poor assessor and it makes you feel slightly diminished but never mind, you are officially an instructor and you are still enthusiastic.

The next level looks inviting, we now move in circles that mean we rub shoulders with the great and the good and we aspire to be one of them. We are still enthusiastic so we start to work hard and sweat to reach the next level. Problem. The great and the good we rub shoulders with are so far elevated that we think we just cannot match their standard no matter how hard we try, but, we are still entusiastic so we keep trying and one day we think we may, just, be good enough to have a go and wonder of wonders we are found to be good enough to join the Gods. Then the whispers start again, the test was too easy and the assessors were poor and, once again, you feel slightly diminished. Hang on, there isn’t another level we can aspire to so how come you still feel several rungs of the ladder from the top?
How come you have put years and years of effort to get where you are and still don’t feel you are able to rest on your hard worked for laurels?

You may still want to be a better instructor/caster/fisherman and you know that provided you remain enthusiastic that will happen anyway.

But the whispers are taking a toll on your enthusiasm and you begin to wonder if it’s all worth it. The goal posts keep moving and you really can’t be arsed to keep running around the field trying to find them.

Wait though, what about becoming a Supreme Master? They don’t officially exist but we know they are there…somewhere. ” 

be sure to check out Mike’s blog for more meaningful insights by clicking HERE. enjoy !

2 thoughts on “And with enthusiasm may come ambition.

  1. The famous wood worker ,Norm Abrahm ( This old House ) ,was on the David Letterman show when David said norm is a master craftsman . David asked Norm ,what makes you a Master Craftsman ? Norm replied , I guess it it just what I call myself. I think that everyone should just call themselves what they believe they are. Be Happy.
    Dave Sabo

  2. i try my best Dave !
    interesting comment. i didn’t know Abram so i looked him up. what’s interesting is we see a whole lot more of his face than his woodwork… 🙄

    anyhow, thanks for stopping by !

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