there’s a fine line here but i don’t see it.

far from wanting to rekindle senseless/pointless debates on what constitutes fly fishing, here’s a couple of far-out-there flies sure to offend more than one.

– 10 inch jointed fly
“This rainbow trout fly was specifically designed to draw out very large trout, mimicking planted trout. This is an all tube fly, and designed so that you lose the hook but save the fly. It has a diving lip, an interchangeable rattle, and segmented to move like a rapala. Since this video, the fly has been improved for aerodynamics, swimming uprightness, and a treble hook (ugh) to  improve hook set.

– Spanish living flies
not sure what he’s saying but these things make my head spin ! :mrgreen:

as far as fly design goes, personally, i draw the line to just one single hook per fly and of course barbless because i fish catch and release exclusively but that’s about it.

i’m surrounded by ‘dry-fly purists’ on one side and then there’s others who spit on the ground if they see a ‘dry-fly purist’ crossing the road.
it can get quite funny at times…

where’s your line ?

2 thoughts on “there’s a fine line here but i don’t see it.

  1. ever since I picked up my first flyrod someone has been trying to put me in a box.. I try not to climb into that box, plus im an oregon and alaskan steelheader… we are a scoundrel bohemian bunch by nature-

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