real pseudos

Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Blue-Winged Olives by Al Caucci

often confused with Tricorythodes (trichos) because of their similar teeny size and often simultaneous hatching, here’s some nice reading on a very real and important food source for trout-type fishes.

Pseudo Nymph

“It is impractical to fish a Pseudo nymph imitation effectively on the bottom, due to the size and the quick and evasive manner of the natural. Pseudo nymphs are, however, very sluggish and clumsy during actual emergence, and a tiny nymph that floats in or on the surface film can be quite effective right through the hatch, even though the water may be covered with floating duns. This is mainly due to the nymph’s slow, drifting ascent, and the difficulty they experience escaping their nymphal shucks.”

Pseudo Dun

how to tie them

and here’s what they sound like !

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