Stripping (line/fly retrieval techniques)

of interest to just about any fly angler as these methods are one of the keys to success for both fresh and saltwater and not just with streamers (yes ! think outside the box, most creatures we try to imitate move in one way or another !).
combining retrieves and footage of how they effect the flies, we’ll discover a few of these ‘bring-to-life’ methods in this nice little tutorial from Angelo Peluso.

2 thoughts on “Stripping (line/fly retrieval techniques)

  1. Excellent!

    “At the end of the retrieve, flick your wrist.” I’ll try this move on my next tarpon. Cool!

    • yup ! that’s a good one. be sure to try that with any fish and any other kind of retrieve as well. 😉

      if all goes according to plan, sometime this year i’ll be putting out a series of ‘tips & tricks’ videos where there will be TONS of these kinds of tasty tips. (and of course casting !) we’re working on production issues as i write.

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