Mémé in french is an affectionate name for grandma. her real name was Catherine but that name was for others. outside of always telling goofy jokes and stories and being a fervent and fantastic cookie baker, one of the things i remember most about Mémé was she used to like to come fishing with me.
although the photo shows her with a fishing rod, she rarely actually fished, i remember taking the image to record the occurrence. what she mostly did was sit there and knit and point out what a pretty cloud that one was, how to hold the fish without poking it’s eyes out and look up with her quirky smile and announce, “Oh darn, we forgot the cookies” ! but i knew they where safely hidden in the yarn bag.
i remember bringing this photo to school as part of the ‘What did you do during your summer vacation ?’ report we always had to do each year.

that year my family had rented a cabin on some lake in Wisconsin. the highlight of the trip, my mom being bit on the butt by a pike my dad had caught and thrown in the boat while she was sun bathing. as most fish do in this situation, it started flip-flopping unhappily about and i can only guess that the bite impulse came alive when it saw this soft pink thing in front of it’s mouth. i can’t blame it as i probably would have done the same.

7 thoughts on “Mémé

  1. This is a great post man! My Grandma would take an old scythe down to the creek near her house to clear the weeds, and “sticker bushes” so that I could spend my summer fishing and swimming under her watchful eyes. Being an old southern farm family we always had huge lunches. Often featured was the catch of the day, provided by yours truly. In those days it could have been anything, catfish, smallmouth, sunnies or suckers. While I don’t necessarily miss eating deep fried bullheads, I do miss those summers learning about the steam, and all its secrets. Most of all I miss Grandma.

  2. “Most of all I miss Grandma.” yup, that says it all…
    thanks Marshall, i’ll be catching up, you-know-where soon !

  3. a fishing-compatible grandma is a true blessing, I can tell, I had none.
    but I confess I’m slightly disturbed by your granny-ass biting fantasies.

  4. […] their fish to the camera and let it go. they smile and that smile is genuine and beautiful. as my Mémé used to say, “smiles go a long way, much further than […]

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