one and six

as much as i tried, don’t always make seven.

as waters at home are all frozen, yesterday was my first fishing outing of 2012. i was after perch trying out some new streamer designs on a little lake in the Pyrenean foothills (southern france) and although i got a few follows, the only thing i caught where trout. go figure…

here’s no 1
 and here’s  no. 6 !
life doesn’t always go as planned but i won’t complain…

6 thoughts on “one and six

  1. Lucky You !
    Sweden Gimån: 1,2 m snow, -20 C.
    Catch one for me !

  2. hej Anders !
    sorry, i missed your comment.
    ‘just got back home, it’s -11°, the world is white and the fly gear is put away till spring but next fish i catch has your name on it ! (figuratively speaking of course)
    thanks for stopping by,

  3. […] friend P-A. (who somehow thought ‘Bob the Blob’ was hilarious… ) BtB V1 caught my first fish this year so i kinda like it and will continue experimenting with this idea. yes, it’s not your […]

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