sprattin’ with Trev.

a super-sweet New-Zealand style hello from buddy Trevor Bourne who’s been off trampin’ for who knows how many months now. i wonder if he’ll come back. i wouldn’t…

The Sprats are balled up in the harbor tonight and the Kahawai are feasting…

Its a half mile wade across the flats and there’s nobody but me to enjoy the lukewarm water. The sky is clear and blue, the water too…
Eagle rays grace me with their flights of fancy, Piper dance because the Kingfish say so.
All around Kahawai are busting moves, the 6wt hoops a good bend.
The Maori called them “Strong in the water” for good reason.
The Sprats, like my crease fly….don’t stand a chance.

Kahawai (Arripis trutta – kahawai, sea trout, Australian salmon)

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