Fly Casting Practice Drills and Tips

with Captain Charlie Beadon

here’s a typical scenario: someone decides to actually go out and practice their fly casting. they read about it on forums and magazines and stuff and decide that just like a lot of other things in life, if you don’t go out and do it, you’re just not going to get any better at it. ok, that’s a fantastic first step !

however… at least 9 times out of 10 this person or group of like-minded friends will end up on an empty field, the “Now what ?” question pops up and they just start to aimlessly cast around and get bored in under 10 minutes and resort to beer-chugging as a consolation to their ill-planned outing. a barren field can seem like a desert very quickly. not so cool.
now, if we add fun and games, a purpose, a goal and targets, the whole experience happens in a wink of the eye, the field becomes a fishery, there will be a lot more smiling and everyone leaves a better caster while looking forward to the next session and since in the end it’s all about fishing, let’s not forget to add ‘better and more successful fisher’ to the list. cool.

in one of the better videos i’ve seen about casting practice, Captain Charlie has a lot of nice tips on making training sessions constructive and fun. something to think about for the coming season or special trip. enjoy !

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