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  1. The Catch and Release logo and regulations were established by non profit organization California Trout in 1977. CalTrout held a contest for the logo design, which was won by Milt Hirsh of Hurst Graphics. Since then, the ethic has caught on and the logo has been used by angling groups throughout the U.S. and promoted by the CA Dept of Fish and Game (now wildlife). Learn more about CalTrout at http://www.caltrout.org

    • thank you so much, Tracey ! this article was first published Feb. 13 2012 and we finally can give proper credit to the artist ! 😆
      in fact, i’ll do a follow-up article including all the info you kindly supplied.
      thanks again,

      • Glad to help. I’m editing a book on the history of CalTrout and came across your site when looking for a good image of the logo. I have a photo of the winner with the logo and a CalTrout rep presenting him with the check. I can send that to you if you’d like.

        • that would be great, thanks !
          i just this minute published an update with the info you sent earlier and i’ll include the winning image later on.
          i’ll send you my email in a sec. thanks again !

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