Triple Decker, BLT, Soup Sandwich

or Club Sandwich ®…

for an even better climax we could add this quote from the amazingly boring Manifesto of Surrealism by André Breton.

“The small room into which the young man was shown was covered with yellow wallpaper: there were geraniums in the windows, which were covered with muslin curtains; the setting sun cast a harsh light over the entire setting…. There was nothing special about the room. The furniture, of yellow wood, was all very old. A sofa with a tall back turned down, an oval table opposite the sofa, a dressing table and a mirror set against the pierglass, some chairs along the walls, two or three etchings of no value portraying some German girls with birds in their hands – such were the furnishings. (Dostoevski, Crime and Punishment)”

good night and sweet dreams my friends.

One thought on “Triple Decker, BLT, Soup Sandwich

  1. boy, you’d better patent it, cause this thing gonna change the world of fly fishing.
    got another name for it: “look what I found when I puked!”

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