Frank Sawyer’s Bow Tie

very similar in concept as the SS Knot where the knot is outside of the hook instead at the eye, this super-creative ‘outside of the box’ Bow Tie Buzzer (BTB) rig thought up by the amazingly observant Frank Sawyer quite frankly gets me all excited…
what a simple, ingenious solution to something i’ve been trying to work out for years: getting a Shipman’s Buzzer to hang vertically, basically on the surface without having resorting to a blob of foam or worse yet, cdc feathers.

” When rigged properly the bow tie should seat nicely in the hook eye when the nymph is slid down to it, and yet it should be free to move. The actual hook eye of the nymph is free on the leader and so rigged that it can wobble from side to side or spin completely round as though swivelled. This combination of movement is sufficient to delude fish into thinking the nymph is alive. “
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and i bet it does ! as this is the exact position the midges are in when trying to penetrate the water’s surface film for their final transformation.
swinging back and forth, spinning and bobbing up and down, sounds like a trout’s buggy version of a lascivious pole-dancer. who could resist !

i’m thinking a small piece of polypropylene or similar floating yarn held together with a Duncan knot would do nicely for the ‘breather puff’.

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  1. I love them ! Try two, or three! 20 cm between them, at least. Great fly, from a great flyfisher !

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